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12 Inman Street, 1st Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

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Evaluate any vendor, anywhere, any time.

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All Vendors & Multiple Risks

A single source for global vendor risk information.

VendorFirstCheck is a risk assessment service specially designed for global Procurement professionals.

Global perspective on risk

Your company does business globally and so do your vendors. Briefcase gives you a global picture of vendor risk. We look for risk information everywhere... all 196 countries in the world. Plus 150 states and provinces (including 33 in China, 35 in India, and 32 in Mexico).

Massive data-sets, updated regularly

Now you can search hundreds of databases and millions of risk factors – all with the press of a button. Briefcase scours the world for relevant data, and carefully organizes, curates, and analyzes it. We chase the data so you don’t have to.

Profiles on 100% of your vendors

VFC presently covers more than 10 million vendors around the world – public and private; big and small; from all countries and all industries. Just to make sure your vendors are included, send us their names, and we’ll add them to VFC at no cost.

Comprehensive risk coverage

VFC covers a wide range of vendor risk areas – financial and non-financial. Our 25+ risk topics are organized into 3 primary categories: Finance, Integrity and Continuity. No solution covers more risk areas than VendorFirstCheck.

Coverage of the risks that matter most to Procurement.

No solution covers more risk areas than VendorFirstCheck.


An easy-to-use risk score for each and every vendor.

VendorFirstCheck provides decision-ready answers, every single time.

1 to 9 Reliability